Social Media Policy

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Our Social Media Policy sets out some terms and conditions when participating in our online communities to make sure a safe, respectful and enjoyable environment is provided to our members.

Please read the following carefully as the information relates to contributing and sharing content as well as how we will respond to anything that is unsuitable, derogatory or abusive.

Content that is published by us is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as individual investment, tax, legal, or other advice. Nor is it a recommendation to invest in any security or adopt any investment strategy. The information is not a complete analysis of all material facts regarding any country, region, investment or strategy. Because market and economic conditions are subject to change, our updates, opinions and analyses are provided as of the date it first appears and may be subject to change without notice. Reliance on any information posted is at your sole discretion. Past performance is not a guide to future returns and the value of investments as well as the income from them, can go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount invested.

Guidelines and information to be aware of

We want to make sure our online communities are open, respectful and valuable, where everyone’s voice can be heard. Set out below some important points to be aware of:

  • Opening hours – 9am to 5pm (GMT), Monday to Friday. During these hours, we will try to respond to your comments. If you post comments or queries outside of these hours, we may not respond until the next working day.


  • The Terms & Conditions and Policies that belong to specific social networks for example, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, also apply to any of our social media profiles. It is important that you follow their terms and conditions as well as ours.


  • Opinions, recommendations or comments posted by users do not necessarily represent the views of us. We do not endorse, adopt or guarantee the accuracy of content posted by third parties, nor are we responsible for any inaccuracies or errors. Comments are moderated and published at our discretion.


  • Terms of use, privacy or security policies of specific social networks are not our responsibility.


  • Do not post or send personal, confidential or account information via social media. Viewers should not request transactions, ask questions regarding their investments, or raise customer-service issues on our social media sites. Instead, please contact us directly.


  • We will never ask you to send us your personal or account details. However, we may ask you to private message us with your contact details so that we can respond to your particular query.


  • We will always treat your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and applicable laws. Please read our Terms & Conditions.


  • We reserve the right to block users who post content that is deemed inappropriate, offensive, constitutes testimonial advice, is a recommendation or advertisement for securities or products, services, or appears promotional in nature.


  • We also reserve the right to block users whose own social media page contains offensive or inappropriate content and/or serves as a promotional site.


In the interests of protecting you we reserve the right to remove posts containing any of the following:

  • personal or confidential information (this is to protect you)
  • abusive, defamatory, offensive and hateful language
  • unlawful information
  • trolling or deliberately disruptive discussions
  • violations of any intellectual property rights
  • solicitation
  • spam
  • any third party link
  • malicious content
  • any mistakes that we make
  • inaccurate, misleading or inappropriate statements about our products, services and people.


Please be aware that the design of social media profiles and content that we post are our copyright and our rights are reserved. All trademarks, company names, logos and designs used on our official social media profiles are our intellectual property.


Ensuring a safe, respectful and enjoyable online community

To ensure the safe, respectful and enjoyable environment of our online communities, when participating in our social media profiles you agree not to:

  • copy, download, transfer, modify, or otherwise use or commercially exploit the content or any part, of this website, without our prior permission
  • use these online spaces for illegal purposes or to breach any laws
  • upload or transmit through these profiles any computer viruses or material that is defamatory, offensive or obscene
  • harass, cause distress or inconvenience to, or infringe the rights of, another person
  • try to access administrator areas, features or functions of these profiles without authorisation
  • use our official profiles or content on them in any way not permitted by these terms.


We may on occasions change or withdraw, temporarily or permanently, all or part of our social media profiles.