• Saving plans

    Individual savings accounts (ISAs)

    Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are a highly effective and popular route into tax-efficient investing. They are tax-efficient and you do not have to declare any income earned. Your ISA allowance is as follows:

    Tax Year 2018/19
    Allowance (individual)


    Junior ISA

    Give your child a financial head start from as little as £1 a day

    If a child already has a Child Trust Fund (CTF), they cannot also have a Junior ISA. They are however able to transfer a Child Trust Fund into a Junior ISA.

    Tax Year 2018/19
    Allowance (individual)

    Private Investor Plan

    The F&C PIP is one of our most flexible investment solutions for long-term savers. The Private Investor Plan (PIP) can help you harness the long-term potential of the stock market to help you achieve your investment goals.


    Children's Investment Plan

    The F&C CIP is a straightforward way to invest in the global stock market through our range of award-winning investment trusts. It provides an affordable, tax-efficient way for parents and grandparents to build a savings pot for their little ones.


    Child Trust Fund

    Our CTF gives you access to the long-term potential of the stock market through our investment trust range via a Shares CTF or in a tracker fund via a Stakeholder CTF. A new CTF cannot be opened but you can transfer an existing CTF to and F&C CTF or an F&C Junior ISA.


    Investment goals

    Why invest for income?

    Investing for income with F&C could benefit those who are looking for that extra bit of money now and in the future. Investing for income could help supplement a pension during retirement or pay for school/university fees. 8 of our 10 Investment Trusts aim to deliver some form of income for investors.


    Why invest for growth?

    Investing for growth with F&C suits those who are more interested in investing for the long term to potentially allow their money to grow. This could include investing for a child's future or investing for your dream home. 8 of our 10 investment trusts aims to deliver growth for investors.


    Why a combination of Income and Growth?

    Investing in a combination of income and growth allows you to balance your short term needs by gaining an income in the short term while letting your money grow for the long term. 6 of our 10 investment trusts are designed to generate a combination of the two.


    Getting started

    How to get started with a Stocks and Shares Investment

    Whether you're investing for the short of the long term, growth, income or a combination of both, investing in stocks and shares allows you to gain access to the potential of the stock market through a range of savings plans.


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