• From 1 February 2017, ICG Enterprise Trust will no longer be an investment option for new investors through the F&C Savings Plans. 

    How does this affect me?

     As an existing investor you can retain your shares and continue to buy further shares within your savings plan either by monthly direct debit, lump sum and /or dividend reinvestment. If you hold more than one savings plan then you will only be able to buy ICG Enterprise Trust shares in the plan that already holds them. 

    What do I need to do? 

    You do not need to do anything as your savings plan will continue as before. However, please be aware that these changes may affect the investment choices you wish to make when considering a new savings plan in the future. 

    Online Service 

    As investors setting up new savings plans will not be able to invest in ICG Enterprise Trust we have had to remove this as an option from our online service. This unfortunately means that those of you who transact online will no longer be able to buy ICG Enterprise Trust shares through this service. You will also not be able to set up or amend direct debits into this Trust online. You can still login to view the value of your shares and transact on other investment trusts (where applicable). 

    How do I buy more shares in ICG Enterprise Trust?

    To make a payment by lump sum – You can send us a cheque along with a completed Top Up Form. 

    To start a new direct debit – You can send us a completed Top Up Form along with verification of the bank account the payments will come from (this is explained further on the Top Up Form). 

    To amend the amount or fund choice of an existing direct debit – You can complete our Change of Investment Instruction Form.  

    Dividend reinvestment – Dividends are automatically paid out to you or reinvested to buy more shares shortly after the dividend payment date. If you wish to change how your dividends are treated please send an instruction signed by all account holders to confirm this. Dividends from all Investment Trusts held within your savings plan will be treated in the same way. If your account is a Child Trust Fund or Junior ISA dividends cannot be paid out to you.

  • How to Invest

    Open an F&C Savings Plan

    Call: 0800 136 420

    Invest online now

    The value of your investments can go down as well as up, and you may not get back what you originally invested.


  • Graphite Enterprises holds investments in a range of companies. These are the ten companies the Trust has the largest investments in:

    Top 10 underlying holdings (%) Portfolio Weight Description
    Micheldever Tyre Services+ 5.6 Distribution and retailer of tyres
    City & County Healthcare Group 3.4 Provider of home care services     
    ICR Group 3.2 Provider of repair and maintenance services to the energy industry
    Education Personnel+ 2.7 Provider of temporary staff fo the education sector
    Human Capital Investment Group 2.1 Provider of recruitment services
    Skillsoftl+ 2.1 Provider of off the shelf e-learning content
    Spheros 1.9 Provider of bus climate control systems
    Standard Brands 1.7 Manufacturer of fire lighting products
    David Lloyd Leisure 1.7 Operator of premium health clubs
    U-POL 1.6 Manufacturer and distributor of automotive refinishing products  

    +All or part of this investment is held directly as a co-investment or other direct investment.

     As at 31 July 2015

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