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Investment Articles

  • Read the latest articles on our savings plans, our 10 investment trusts and the benefits of investing with F&C. 

  • A guide to investing article

    A beginners guide to investing with ISA's

    Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) were first introduced back in 1999 with a cash limit of £3,000. Fast forward 19 years and you can not invest up to £20,000 per tax year into an ISA. An ISA allows you to invest tax-efficiently as you don't pay additional tax on income or capital gains. At F&C we offer a Stocks and Shares ISA which allows you access to the long-term potential of stock market investing.

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    Approaching retirement article

    Approaching retirement? Investment trusts could be for you

    Planning your finances in retirement will help to ensure your ability to live life to the full once you stop work. Investment trusts are one solution for the retired who need dependable income.

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    Five investment trends article

    Five investment trends to expect in 2018

    Trying to predict the investment landscape for the foreseeable future is an almost impossible task. Luckily the Telegraph have put together an article of the five investment trends to expect in 2018.

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    Timeline article

    How has investing changed in the last 150 years

    The investment landscape has changed considerably since the F&C Investment Trust was launched 150 years ago back in 1868. We've put together a timeline on some of the big investment events throughout the past 150 years.

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    How to invest for your retirement

    How to invest for your retirement

    Whether it is in the distant future or just round the corner, planning for your retirement could go a long way to having that lifestyle you want after all those years of hard work. Investing in a tax-efficient wrapper such as a Self-invested Personal Plan (SIPP) or and ISA are two good ways to build on that pot for later in life.

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    Tax efficiency artile

    How to make the most of a tax-free savings allowance

    You want to make your money work as hard as possible. If you have to pay tax on the returns earned on your investment, this obviously reduces your gains, so it makes sense to take advantages of the tax-free allowances available to you. You can invest up to £20,000 this year in an ISA and utilising this allowance to invest tax efficiently can lead to significant savings in capital gains tax. 

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    How to really invest for the long term article

    How to really invest for the long term

    It's important to think about your long-term financial future. Have that bit of extra earnings later in life can go along way to help supplement retirement or perhaps invest for a child or even a grandchild. Read on to find out more about investing for the long term.

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    Investing for children article

    Investing for children? Here is everything you need to know

    The hustle and bustle of daily life can make it difficult to find time to plan for the child in your life's financial future. Read more to find out the options available to build a potential nest egg for a child's future.

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    Investing for retirement

    Investing for Retirement

    Retirement is an exciting period in your life. You might be looking forward to taking a trip to somewhere you've always wanted to go, dedicating more time to a favourable hobby or spending time with family at friends. At F&C, we offer a range of investment products suited to long-term investment for retirement.

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    One for the income seekers article

    One for the income seekers

    Investing for income is a popular goal for investors who are looking for that extra bit of money now and in the future. Investing for income could help supplement a number of things including a pension during retirement or pay for school/university fees.

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    Planting seeds for the future

    Planting seeds for the future

    Everyone who manages an investment hopes to see a decent return on their money. But in the language of finance, there's a difference between growth and income. Basically, investing for growth is for you if you want to see your capital increase, rather than expecting to receive a regular payment from your money. 

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    Saving for retirement article

    Saving for retirement: Pension alternatives

    Generally when saving for retirement most people will steer towards a pension. However with recent changes to the amount you can save in to a pension, alternatives are now at the forefront of many people's minds. Schemes such as the Lifetime ISA (LISA) or investment trusts are two alternatives that are widely considered.   

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    Seven investment trusts you need to know about article

    Seven investment trusts you need to know about

    As well as looking after the world's oldest collective investment fund - the F&C Investment Trust we have 9 other trusts that have a diverse range of aims and objectives. In this article from the Telegraph 7 of our trusts are detailed from what they invest in through to who it might suit.

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    Decorating house

    Taking the plunge - Investing for beginners

    There are plenty of reasons to start investing as early as possible. You might need to raise a deposit to buy your first home. Perhaps the kids will need help with university fees in a few years time. And just having something in reserve for a rainy day could be very re-assuring. 

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    The day investing changed forever article

    The day investing changed forever

    The world of investing changed forever back in March 1868 when the world's oldest collective investment fund begun. The F&C Investment Trust celebrated its 150-year anniversary this year and while the world is a different place the trust remains as pioneering and relevant today as it did all those years ago.

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    Ultimate investment jargon buster article

    The ultimate investment jargon buster

    The world of investing can seem daunting, especially for first-time investors. Making sense of some of the jargon can help you to feel in control, and ensure that you come to a more informed decision. The ultimate jargon buster article looks to give you a better understanding of some of the jargon that comes with investing.

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    Should I consider a stocks and shares ISA article

    What are the benefits of Stocks & Shares ISAs?

    Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are a highly effective and popular route into tax-efficient investing. Investing in stocks and shares gives you access to the long-term potential of the stock market which could provide stronger returns than the safer option of a cash ISA.

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    Why are investment trusts so popular

    Why are investment trusts so popular?

    Investment trusts are a highly popular and well-established way of investing. An investment trust is an excellent way of gaining access to the potential rewards that active management of a stock market investment can offer - without needing to constantly monitor and manage your portfolio.

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