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    These tables show you how the fund has performed over the last five years.  The fund has achieved positive growth over these periods, but please remember that past performance is not a guide to future results and the value of investments can go down as well as up.

    We've provided some useful definitions below the tables to help with interpreting the performance figures.

  • Fund performance

    Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust - performance chart

    Performance (%) as at 29.12.17

    Cumulative performance 1 month Year to date 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years
    NAV 2.2 16.8 16.8 56.1 106.8
    Share price 2.5 21.1 21.1 63.3 125.2
    Benchmark 1.8 13.8 13.8 53.5 106.7
    Discrete annual performance 2017/2016 2016/2015 2015/2014 2014/2013 2013/2012
    NAV 16.8 23.6 8.2 8.9 21.6
    Share price 21.1 23.7 9.0 13.5 21.5
    Benchmark 13.8 29.6 4.0 11.3 21.0

    Source: Lipper. Basis: share price, percentage growth, bid to bid, net income reinvested. Basis in accordance to the regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority. The discrete annual performance table refers to 12 month periods, ending at the date shown. The cumulative performance table refers to cumulative periods ending 29.12.17

    Note: The performance figures shown here will differ to those shown in the Key Information Document (KID) as they are based on actual past performance data. The performance information in the KID is presented on a forward-looking basis using economic models based on historical prices and volatility of the product (as prescribed by regulations).

  • Useful definitions

    NAV - Net Asset Value. This is the value of the fund's assets (e.g. investments, stocks, shares, bonds) less its liabilities (i.e. costs that need to be paid out of the value of the fund)
    Benchmark: The FTSE All-World (Total Return) Index

  • Fund facts
    Investment manager F&C Investment Business Limited
    Benchmark FTSE All World TR index (Pre 01/01/2013 60% FTSE World ex UK TR Index/40% FTSE All Share TR Index).
    AIC sector Global
    Launch date 1868
    Total assets £3.6 billion (as at 28.02.2017)
    Currency Sterling
    ISIN GB0003466074
    SEDOL 346607
    Ticker symbol FRCL
    Key dates
    Annual general meeting April
    Year end 31 December
    Dividends paid February, May, August, November (Quarterly)
    Results announced March (final)
    July (half yearly)
  • Fund Manager commentary

    During December our net asset value (NAV) gained by 2.3%, which exceeded the 1.8% gain from the FTSE All World benchmark. Our returns for 2017 were 16.9% in NAV terms and 21% in share price total return terms, ahead of the benchmark return of 13.8%. Our discount finished the year at 4.2%, representing the narrowest year end close for over twenty years. The narrowing in discount from 7.4% at the start of the year was a positive contributor to shareholder returns.

    Equities posted strong returns over the month as investors embraced a goldilocks outlook with global growth broadening and gathering pace while inflation generally remains quiescent. The UK rallied strongly throughout December as Brexit divorce proceedings took a step forward and rising commodity prices helped mining and energy stocks. European equities posted reasonable returns through the first part of the month on the back of data releases showing further improvement in the health of the region’s economy. However, concerns over the future political landscape in Germany, Spain and Italy led to a sell off into the year end. The European Central Bank was seen to be modestly less dovish on the back of updated economic growth and inflation forecasts. The US market initially rallied after Trump’s tax reform bill made it through the Senate, however the Fed’s rate rise to 1.5% put a dampener on further movement. Equity markets still finished in positive territory, to cap a very strong year.

    Looking into 2018 the fundamental backdrop seems supportive of further progress in equities. Nonetheless, given that market volatility has been so low and recent returns so strong it is not much of a stretch to suggest that gains may be harder fought from here as the year progresses. Valuations across asset classes are pushing into extended territory, suggesting that longer term gains may be more muted, but valuation alone has limited predictive content. With no fundamental pre-cursor to a bear market on the immediate horizon we remain constructive but expect that volatility will rise, drawdowns may become more frequent, and dispersion within markets will rise.

    We continue to invest in a range of diversified underlying stock selection strategies and believe that we remain well placed to withstand any further short term volatility in markets.

    As at 31 December 2017

  • The value of shares and the income from them is not guaranteed and can fall as well as rise due to stock market movements. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. When you sell your shares, you might get back less than you originally invested. If markets fall, gearing can magnify the negative impact on performance. Changes in rates of exchange may have an adverse effect on the value, price or income of investments. Emerging Markets, Unquoted Companies and Smaller companies carry a higher degree of risk and their value can be more sensitive to market movement; their shares may be less liquid and performance may be more volatile. The fund may invest in hedge funds or private equity funds which are not normally available to individual investors, exposing the fund to the performance, liquidity and valuation issues of these funds. Such funds typically have high minimum investment levels and may restrict or suspend redemptions or repayment to investors. The asset value of these shares and its prospects may be more difficult to assess.

  • Paul Niven

    Paul Niven

    Fund Manager

Past performance is not a guide to future results. The value of investments can go down as well as up.

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