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  • Key facts

    The Managed Portfolio Trust is a ‘multi-manager’ portfolio, investing in trusts managed by different investment providers.

    Diversified  - The multi-manager approach ensures a broad mix of holdings, including 'alternative' assets
    Choice  - Investors can choose from income shares or growth shares, each with its own portfolio
    Unique capital structure - Net income in the Growth Portfolio is transferred to the Income Portfolio in exchange for the same amount of capital.  The transfer benefits the income prospects of the income shares and capital growth prospects of the growth shares.
    Experience and continuity  - Fund manager Peter Hewitt has been a professional investor for 30 years and has been at the helm of the Trust since launch
    Flexibility  - to help you meet your changing investment needs, there is an annual option to convert shares between the two portfolios. To learn more click here. 
    Cost effective  - You can save monthly or via lump sums to suit your budget
    Regular Income - Dividends are payable quarterly on the Income Shares

  • Fund manager commentary

    The key driver to returns has once again been sterling. Over the past month, the currency extended its decline with a 6% fall against the dollar and a near 4% drop against the euro. This came after considerable weakness following the vote in the European Union referendum in late June. The impact is best measured by the returns of the S&P Composite Index in the US. In local currency they fell by 1.8% yet when translated into sterling this became a rise of 4.5% (both in total returns). A similar story could be seen in most other overseas markets. A continuing feature within the UK equity market has been the outperformance of the biggest companies (who are perceived to be the principal beneficiaries of a weak sterling). As measured by the FTSE 100 Index they gained just over 1% whilst the indices measuring the performance of medium sized and smaller companies both fell nearly 2%. Against this background the FTSE All Share Index rose by 0.6% whilst that of the FTSE Equity Investment Instruments Index gained 1.6% (both figures are total return).

    The Net Asset Value of the Growth portfolio rose by 0.9%, again in total return terms. The leading performers were all trusts with significant exposure overseas for example Baillie Gifford Japan +9%, Fidelity Asian Values +8.7% and Allianz Technology Trust +7%.

    As at 31 October 2016

  • Fund facts
    Investment manager F&C Investment Business Limited
    Benchmark FTSE All-Share Index
    AIC sector* Global Equity Income: Global Growth & Income
    Global Portfolio: Global Growth
    Launch date April 2008
    Total assets £108.5 million (as at 31.10.16)
    Income shares - Net dividend yield 4.3% (as at 31.10.16)
    Currency Sterling
    ISIN GB00B2PP3J36 (Income shares)
    GB00B2PP2527 (Growth shares)
    SEDOL B2PP3J3 (Income shares)
    B2PP252 (Growth shares)
    Key dates
    Annual general meeting September
    Year end 31 May
    Dividend payment date(s) January, April, July, October

    * The AIC is the trade body for closed-ended investment companies, including investment trusts.

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  • Peter Hewitt

    Peter Hewitt

    Fund Manager

Past performance is not a guide to future results. The value of investments can go down as well as up.

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